Promoting Vibrant Social Enterprise – An International Conference, kicks off on the 22nd May. We will be casting a spotlight on local initiatives and celebrating their successes. Accordingly, we are providing conference participants with the opportunity to undertake a field visit in the afternoon.

The field visit will help participants to get a sense of social entrepreneurship in the region, the multiplicity of social, environmental and economic challenges that social enterprises are tackling, the opportunities they pursue, their strategies for success and the innovations that they bring with them. It will help give context to the many questions raised through the conference plenaries and concurrent sessions.

Participants will have the opportunity to see one of the social enterprises outlined below at work and have the chance to pose questions to one or more of their senior representatives. Field visits will depart from the Royal University of Phnom Penh at 1pm.



Friends-International (Friends) is an award-winning international social enterprise established in Cambodia in 1994 to build a future where all children are safe from all forms of abuse, become functional and productive citizens of their countries and contribute to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world. Friends nowadays operate projects in 4 countries.

Friends programs build sustainable futures via programs that respond to the needs of the most marginalized youth including children who live and/or work on the streets where they face a multiplicity of risks. Child protection work addresses abuse (including trafficking), drug use, separation from families, health issues, child labour and exclusion from education or opportunities for vocational training.

To ensure that social services achieve the highest level of sustainability, Friends integrates several of its activities into a social business framework. The home-based production and apparel programs generate incomes that help sustain families while their children maintain their education as opposed to engaging in street work. Other social business provides work-integration via training and work placement, including famous training restaurants, beautician parlours and a mechanical garage. 
In 2015, Friends Social Businesses generated $3.3million USD. Friends operates eight training restaurants and numerous training businesses in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. On this field visit, participants will see Friends’ local production and training facilities in operation and spend time with Ms. Somary Thoun, Mith Samlanh’s Social Business Coordinator, and Mr Nikolai Schwarz, Head of Friends Social Business where they can find out more about the business models and their integration with social service programs.

Rattan Association of Cambodia (RAC)

Rattan Association of Cambodia (RAC)

Rattan Association of Cambodia (RAC) responds to 2 vital needs: 1) providing ‘green’ rattan product buyers with a range of sustainable, high-quality rattan products, while 2) strengthening the Cambodian rattan industry’s sustainable practices. Specifically, this association focuses on: creating market links; promoting sustainable rattan resources management and strengthening collaboration within the rattan community (including rattan pre-processors and rattan enterprises).

RAC is foremost known for the marketing of rattan furniture and handicrafts, but also markets some bamboo products. The association was founded in 2009 by 11 small-to medium enterprises (SMEs) with technical support from the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Artisan’s Association of Cambodia (AAC). This support generated quick successes. RAC has in the past secured export contracts with the Swedish multinational furniture company IKEA.


RAC works for the development of rattan enterprises to increase employment opportunities and to support green rattan production and trade in Cambodia via sustainable natural resources management


RAC collaborates and cooperates with all stakeholders to:

–          Promote and increase ‘green’ production quality to reach international standards for export at fair prices and wages for producers, and;

–          Protect rattan forest and natural fibre resources through public awareness and support and promote Government policies and development approaches that protect rattan forests.

On this field visit, guests will visit RAC’s showroom at Khan Camkamorn, Phnom Penh to see rattan and bamboo products and meet with Mr. Khom Phalla, Secretariat of Rattan Association of Cambodia, to find out more about this social enterprise’s unique history, social and environmental mission and remarkable progress in the space of eight years.




So! Nutritious Co. Ltd.

So! Nutritious Co. Ltd. is a Social Enterprise registered in 2009 as a Private Limited Company, designed to produce Nutritional Food & Beverages for 65% of the Khmer population.   So! Nutritious designs food and beverages to improve the weak immune system within the Cambodian population. Today just under 40% of children are still malnourished including a disproportioned number of children who are stunted.  In 2005 the founder, Graham Taylor, was involved with the Association of the Blind of Cambodia and witnessed the devastation on families and children, who due to this inadequate immune system, were susceptible to disease and illness, resulting in children becoming totally blind. This became the driver to produce nutritional products that would improve the immune system especially for children and their families in poor communities. Most of the population are lacking in Protein, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Iodine and many other vitamins and minerals within their bodies, resulting in an inadequate immune system making the susceptible to illness due to infection, poor living standards, as well as an inability to learn and develop life skills. 

So! Nutritious, partners with several NGO’s who provide training for vulnerable urban street children and those working with slum communities in Cambodia, providing fortified Soya Milk and Nutritional snack food.  So! Nutritious also seeks to work with Foundations, Charitable Trusts, and Philanthropists who may be willing to provide funds for these many and varied children’s feeding programs.  So! Nutritious also supplies products to the commercial sector in Supermarkets, mini marts etc. It is a small boutique company that has developed new products in order to assist research and development for the Royal Cambodian Government, the World Food Program and other bodies.

So! Nutritious produces: four levels of Soya Milk from 50% recommended daily allowance of nutritional value (RDA) with several flavours; nutritional snack food; spirulina, and a fortified rice porridge for infants. To date So! Nutritious also has been involved with additional societal responsibilities as the Private sector nutritional spokesperson, with Government and NGO organisations.

On this field visit participants will be able to visit the production facilities that So Nutritious operate, see some of the unique engineering that has informed production processes elsewhere, for instance in initiatives in other countries that are supported by the World Food Program, visit a  spirulina farm and speak with the General Manager Mr. Mil Mean to find out more about this unique social enterprise.

For more information ABOUT So Nutritious Co. Ltd, you can contact the General Manager Mr. Mil Mean Ph +855 12 568339.