Promoting Vibrant Social Entrepreneurship: Conference Track Themes

 Can social entrepreneurship solve so-called “intractable” social and environmental problems in Southeast Asia? While social entrepreneurship has gained currency as a way to do precisely that around the world, in the Southeast Asian region it remains relatively understudied. Exactly what these intractable problems are, within the Region, remains to be defined and comprehensively mapped. Also, do we risking sidelining everyday problems when we place too much emphasis on the intractable ones? This conference offers great opportunities for the pertinent and distinctive roles of social entrepreneurship and social enterprises across Southeast Asia to be clarified. It provides a basis to better document the initiatives that support social entrepreneurship and social enterprise development and identify support needs along with gaps in the institutional ecosystem, encompassing investment, philanthropy, policy-making and education. We invite papers making conceptual contributions, empirical contributions or both, along with detailed proposals for Plenary Sessions, Workshops and Round Table Discussions. We particularly invite interdisciplinary perspectives from academics together with specialized contributions from practitioners in the field.

We anticipate that this conference will be a springboard for future events and also the initiation of a region-wide research network. In this regard, contributions can be rooted both in the Southeast Asian context and also elsewhere in the world where instructive lessons can be learned and debate can be stimulated.

To organize the conference discussions and presentations which will be taking place across four concurrent sessions on the 23rd and 24 of May, the conference is structured along eight thematic lines which are set out below.


  1. Theoretical models of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and social enterprise.

Conveners: Isaac Lyne, Janelle Arlene Basset

  1. Strategies for social inclusion via social enterprise and social entrepreneurship – including work integration and female entrepreneurship

Conveners: Catherine Pearl, Yasmin Dean

  1. Impact measurement and scaling impact in the social entrepreneurship and social innovation spaces.

Conveners: TBC

  1. Social entrepreneurship and social innovation education programs – successes and lessons learned.

Conveners: Sothy Khieng, Catherine Pearl

  1. Sustainability, governance and responsiveness of social entrepreneurship and social enterprises.

Conveners: Isaac Lyne, Nguyễn Thị Thái Lan, Ngin Chanrith

  1. Cross-sectoral alliances and strategic collaboration to promote social entrepreneurship.

Conveners: Nguyễn Thị Thái Lan, Hieu Ngo

  1. Use of technologies in social entrepreneurship practice.

Conveners: Narayan Gopalkrishnan

  1. Case studies of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in practice – addressing socio-economic exclusion, health and nutrition, environment, agricultural extension and education deficits.

Conveners: Sheena Abar, Laura Henderson