When / Where

Promoting Vibrant Social Entrepreneurship: An International Conference will be held at the newly constructed Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center, located on the ground of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. You will be at the heart of vibrant local scenes and minutes away from many local landmarks, including the Mekong waterfront, Royal Palace, Independence Monument, Tuol Sleng Museum, arts market and grand temples.


The capital city of Phnom Penh is a place of enduring beauty and resilience. Nestled at the four-branched confluence of the Mekong River, it has witnessed the various historical events spanning the Khmer Empire, colonization, genocide and liberation. In its contemporary time, this metropolitan city is home to a blend of traditional and modern architectures, bustling cafes, international food, and art scenes.  It offers space for reflective contemplation, creative thinking and authentic connections with others.


Phnom Penh is a perfect place to host our international conference on social entrepreneurship. In recent years a number of thriving social enterprises have showcased immense ingenuity and innovation in business, education, arts, environment, human services and technology.



Promoting Vibrant Social Entrepreneurship: An International Conference is the beginning of a collaborative network to promote social entrepreneurship through reciprocal international collaboration. The conference will highlight knowledge and experiences from across the globe, as well as commit time to developing a collaborative network.


The aim of this network will be to coordinate and promote research, policy development, practice and education and training in the field of social entrepreneurship among the emerging Southeast Asia countries. We invite your ideas, passion, expertise and commitment in guiding the development of the network and establishing the strategic priorities and collaborative initiatives.